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Camp Boddie/Bonner Summer Camp Staff Alumni Association


C.B.A.S.S. Photos

One of the main objectives of C.B.A.S.S. is to gather and maintain the history of Camp Boddie* and Camp Bonner. On this page you will find photos of C.B.A.S.S. Events as well as photos from the many years. Enjoy!

We are just starting with the MANY photos we have.  More Albums will be adding over time.

If you have digital photos that you would like to share please send them, full size, to the Webmaster. A short description and approximate date (at least the year) would be helpful.

If you have print photo you wish to share, we can scan and return them. For a mailing address to send print photos contact the Webmaster.

* - Camp Bonner was renamed Camp Boddie on January 1, 2010.

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