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Camp Boddie/Bonner Summer Camp Staff Alumni Association


C.B.A.S.S. News

This page is designed to keep everyone informed of C.B.A.S.S. happenings.  In general, items will remain on this page for one year unless the related event has passed.

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Online Dues Payment

C.B.A.S.S. now offers online payments for association dues and donations.  Learn more on the Membership page.

Our Upcoming Events Include:

  1. 2013 Fall Service Day - To be determined by Board

For more information, go to the Events page.

Elections Coming

Elections will be held soon for a new President-Elect and two members of the C.B.A.S.S. Board of Directors.  If you wish to nominate someone, send an e-mail to the Nomination Committee Chairman.

* - Camp Bonner was renamed Camp Boddie on January 1, 2010.

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1985 Bonner Staff training on the New

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Articles Amended

On April 13, 2013 the Articles of Association were amended (Amendment 4.)  Article VII, Paragraph 2 was changed to read: “Dues for the upcoming fiscal year must be established by April 15th. Yearly membership will take effect on September 1st and end August 31st of the following year. Current members may pay dues at any time prior to the August 31st due date to extend their membership. Dues paid after June 1st will automatically go into effect through the following fiscal year.”  This change was made to simplify and streamline dues collection via online methods.  (To view the Articles of Association, go to the Files page where the original and current document is posted.)

New Board Members

In January, Joe Elliott and Jack Kittrell became members of the C.B.A.S.S. Board.  Joe is finishing out the term of a vacant seat while Jack is serving a dual role:  He is the Board Representative of the 2012 Staff and he is our liaison to the 2012 Staff.  Jack is also serving on the 2013 Staff.  Welcome gentlemen! (3/1/13)

The Chief Visits Camp

Chief Scout Executive, Wayne Brock (left), visited Camp Boddie* on June 29th.  Wayne served on the Camp Bonner Staff from 1972-75.  This was his first visit to camp in 37 years.  He was quite impressed with the improvements to the camp facilities.

L to R: Wayne Brock, Billy McKemey, C.B.A.S.S. President and Ray Franks, East Carolina Council, Scout Executive.