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C.B.A.S.S. now offers the convenience of online payments for dues, reunions and donations.  Your data will be protected thru our secure connection and all transactions are protected through PayPal.  Go to the Membership page for more info.

was created to provide fellowship and service opportunities for former staffers of Camp Boddie* and Camp Bonner. This fellowship will be through regular staff reunions, etc. Opportunities for service to the camp and the current camp staff will also be included through events such as service days.  Another way that staff alumni can provide service is through dues and donations.

* - Camp Bonner was renamed Camp Boddie on January 1, 2010.

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More information about C.B.A.S.S. Membership can be found on the Membership page.  Membership to C.B.A.S.S. is FREE to full-time students and current Camp Boddie Staff.

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Budgeted expenses for C.B.A.S.S. activities, including camperships and service days, are funded by membership dues.  If you would like to help us do more, please consider making an additional C.B.A.S.S. Donation via our secure PayPal link.

Any donation to C.B.A.S.S. should be beyond your current Friends of Scouting (FOS) donation.

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This website is set up for the summer resident camp staff alumni from Camp Boddie* and Camp Bonner. Membership is open to any and all former and current summer camp staff members.

Following the success of the 2009 Camp Bonner Staff Reunion, the

Camp B Association of Summer Staffers (C.B.A.S.S.)