Camp B Association of Summer Staffers

Camp Boddie/Bonner Summer Camp Staff Alumni Association


C.B.A.S.S. Contact Information

        C.B.A.S.S. Board of Directors (2012-2013)
President:  Andy “House” Holliday (e-mail)
President Elect:  TBD
At-Large Member:  Jack Kittrell*

Treasurer/Board Member:  David “Doc” Smith* (e-mail)
Secretary/Board Member:  Michael Hecht*
Service Chairperson:  TBD

* - Camp Bonner was renamed Camp Boddie on January 1, 2010.

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2008 Trip to Kings Dominion

(Scooby-doo was never on Staff.)

Board Meetings

According to the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors are required to meet twice each fiscal year.

Future Board Meetings dates:

  1. BulletTBD

Reunion Chairperson:  TBD
Board Member:  Lewis Hoffmann
Board Member:  Bobo Roye

Board Member:  TBD

* - Pending Presidential appointment.

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